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October 15, 2013
Water quickly moves over rocks and under foliage on the river bank.

You’ve heard of adopting animals. How about adopting a body of water?

Georgia’s Adopt-A-Stream program offers you a chance to clean, monitor and enjoy the stream of your choice.

To adopt a stream, you must go through a training program that outlines how to properly care for the water and ecosystem. The workshops offered by Adopt-A-Stream teach you the finer details of monitoring your chosen body of water. After attending the workshop, the next step is to register your water site of choice, and you’re ready to start improving the stream.

The Adopt-A-Stream program is not designed a one-time only volunteer day; it's an addition to your lifestyle. You'll embark on a lifelong learning experience into the worlds of biology and ecological sustainability. Visit the Adopt-A-Stream website to learn more about how you can make a difference in the environment by adopting a stream.

About the Author

Rachael Wheeler is a Georgia native and works as a Web Support Specialist for GeorgiaGov. She writes about a variety of government topics.

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