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Becoming a Cosmetologist

October 28, 2013
Female cosmetologist doing someone's nails

In order to become a hair stylist, nail technician or almost anything else in the world of beauty professions, you'll need a cosmetology license. You must pass multiple trainings and examinations to get certified.

The Georgia State Board of Cosmetology administers and overlooks this process. Appointed by the Governor but under the Secretary of State’s umbrella, the nine members of the Board review applications, administer exams and license the qualified applicants. Before you can take the practical and written exams given by the Board, you must first meet the educational and training requirements of a certified school. Then you can apply for your license online.

After you get your license, you'll still be in contact with the Board because it regulates all the professional practices of licensees in Georgia. It inspects salons, investigates complaints and decides whether to administer disciplinary action.

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Updated January 13, 2016

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