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How To Order A State Flag

February 17, 2014
The Georgia capitol sits against the blue sky.

The Georgia flag is a source of pride for many residents of the state. You can purchase a state flag along with a commemorative certificate for your own home or business.

To order a state flag, fill out the form listed on the Georgia Building Authority website and mail it along with a $25 check or money order to:

Georgia Building Authority
Attn: Wanda Isabelle
1 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30334

Checks must be made payable to the Georgia Building Authority, and the flag will be delivered in two to four weeks. For more information, check out the GBA website or call (404)-656-3252.

If your flag ever falls into disrepair, be sure to dispose of it in the same fashion as an American flag according to federal law. To learn proper handling of a disposed flag, go to the Veterans of Foreign Wars website or contact your local VFW chapter, who can take care of the retired flag for you.


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