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Page Spotlight: The George-Komi Brothers

February 17, 2014
An empty Senate room

Leesi George-Komi and his brother, Tombari, experienced an eye-opening day on Monday. Most of their classmates at Chamblee High School were at home, relaxing from a day off from school for Presidents Day. But not Leesi and Tombari.

The brothers spent their day off from school at the Georgia State Capitol as pages for Senator Steve Henson. Rather than staying home playing basketball or gearing up for the school’s track season, the George-Komi brothers ran back and forth delivering messages at the sound of a bell.

Georgia Senate pages sit in a line on the third floor of the Capitol outside of the Senate chamber waiting to hear the ding of a bell. Once they hear that ding, they go to a desk and receive their task. Usually it’s a handwritten note from a senator or a lobbyist that needs to be delivered to another person. Leesi, Tombari and the other pages then have to scurry through the Senate Chamber looking for the right person. Once they deliver the message, they come back in line and wait for the next ding.

Leesi, a senior, and Tombari, a sophomore, both commented on how interesting it was to see how the government works with their own eyes. In between their tasks, they were able to listen to bills on the floor, watch senators vote and see bills get passed. Both boys learned about government in their freshmen civics classes, but now they can see it with their own eyes. They watched their textbooks come to life. "It's a great learning experience," Leesi commented.

Tombari said he wanted to become a page because he’d only been to the Capitol once before when he was really little. "I wanted to come back when I understood things," he said.

Neither brother really foresees a career in politics, but they did find the process interesting and thought it would make a “cool job.” When asked if they would page again, both replied with a confident yes.

About the Author

Bethany McDaniel is the Interactive Web Content Manager for GeorgiaGov. She graduated from Berry College in Rome, GA with degrees in Visual Communication and History.

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