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Page Spotlight: Sarah Grace Amandolia

February 25, 2014
Sarah Grace Amandolia stands in front of a wall in the Georgia Capitol.

Sarah Grace Amandolia loves to get a peek behind the scenes.. A junior at Harrison High School, Sarah Grace learned about the opportunity to be a page at the Capitol from her social studies teacher.

“It sounded like a great way to see what’s going on firsthand,” she said. “I was excited to visit the Capitol as well.”

Amandolia is taking part in the Georgia Senate Page Program on her day off from school. Pages line up outside the doors of the Senate and wait for a bell to ring, signaling that a message is ready to be delivered to the page’s assigned senator for the day.

When she’s not delivering messages to Senator Lindsey Tippins, Amandolia enjoys swimming, art, and building her coin collection. She says her role models are her mother and father, who accompanied her to the Capitol for the page program.

She says her interest in the page program stems from her desire to know what’s going on in daily political issues. “The issues that are discussed in the Senate affect our daily lives. It’s thrilling to be here in the middle of it all and to see how it all works.”

Though she does not see a political career in her future, Amandolia says she would definitely like to be a page again in the future.


About the Author

A Georgia native, Rachael Wheeler works as a Web Support Specialist for GeorgiaGov. She writes about a variety of current topics relevant to the Georgia government. 



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