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Submitting a Bid Proposal to Do Business with the State of Georgia

May 15, 2014
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Every year, Georgia state government purchasing is responsible for procuring more than $4.5 billion worth of goods and services. State purchasing requires the submission of a bid proposal, as well as the timely response to this bid.

The Georgia Department of Administrative Services’ Team Georgia Marketplace™ provides companies with the opportunity to respond to those bids online.

For companies looking to do business with the state, several important distinctions need to be made during the registration process.

Sourcing Bidders vs. Suppliers vs. Vendors

There are 2 types of companies:

  • Sourcing Bidders are companies that register as never having received business from any State of Georgia entity.
  • Suppliers are companies that have previously received a remittance, purchase order, or contract award from the State of Georgia.

Other terms are sometimes used when describing State Purchasing that can be somewhat confusing. For instance, people vary on their use of the words bidders, vendors, and suppliers. The term “bidders” refers to any company bidding on a certain item or product. But the distinction of the terms “suppliers” and “bidders” is only important during registration in Team Georgia Marketplace™.

Importance of Instructions

It's important for people to follow the necessary steps while first registering, then bidding on or selling an item or service through the Team Georgia Marketplace™.

If you're a registered supplier, login to Team Georgia Marketplace™ with your user ID and password. (If you're not registered, there are instructions on this page on how to register.) Then locate the desired sourcing event. Once located, select the sourcing event ID number and then click on “Bid on Event.”

There are several sections you should visit in Team Georgia Marketplace™:

  • “View/add general comments and attachments,” for the header level attachments
  • “General Event Questions,” for bid factor questions
  • The Line Level for any line details and attachments

Suppliers should upload documents to the same location from which the documents were first downloaded. In order to minimize confusion, proposal documents should be titled with the same name as buyer documents.

Companies looking to better understand how to submit a bid can find Supplier Orientation dates.

About the Author

Fabian Mettler was a Communications Intern with the Georgia Department of Administrative services (DOAS). He is a student at Emory University.

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