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How to Buy Surplus Property

May 29, 2014
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The Georgia Department of Administrative Services is responsible for the state’s surplus or excess property. State agencies purchase property, use it and then outgrow its usefulness. This is a natural life-cycle for office equipment, vehicles, etc. But instead of throwing these surplus items in the garbage heap, DOAS disposes of them. First they go to other state agencies, local governments or eligible non-profits. Then they sell them to the public – ensuring that taxpayers get the most out of their government’s original purchase.

For the general public looking to buy surplus property from the state of Georgia, DOAS offers three primary avenues for online auctions:

All three channels provide a range of items and update their respective pages daily. Items include vehicles, office furniture, lab equipment, books and larger property such as forklifts or trailer homes. Because of the ease of access to these websites, you can browse available items and bid at your convenience.

Georgia State Surplus also uses Twitter to feature surplus property that is for sale to the public.

To date, DOAS and have sold more than 7,400 surplus items, generating $9.4 million in revenue from 173,434 bids for the State of Georgia. While most of that surplus property was sold to bidders in Georgia, buyers from 37 other states purchased property.

Since 2004, GovDeals has successfully partnered with the State of Georgia, selling items as unique as a group of trees or a passenger ferry. The highest value retrieved from a single online auction was for scrap metal that sold for $227,010 to a buyer in Alabama.

About the Author

Fabian Mettler was a Communications Intern with the Georgia Department of Administrative services (DOAS). He is a student at Emory University.

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