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The New Ready Georgia App Helps Before and During Emergencies

June 16, 2014
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The Ready GA team has redesigned their app since this post was originally published. For the latest info on the Ready Georgia app, check out our 2016 blog post: Prepare for Emergencies With the New Ready Georgia Mobile App.

At the Georgia Emergency Management Agency/Homeland Security (GEMA/HS), we've been hard at work on an improved version of the Ready Georgia mobile app for several months, and we are glad to announce that it is now available on iTunes and Google Play.

The app, which originally launched in 2011, has been successful at helping Georgia residents get prepared for emergencies — so much so that it has become a model for dozens of other states.

For the latest version of the app, our goal was to not only help you prepare before emergencies, but to give you better resources during emergencies as well. With that in mind, we made several significant improvements.

Ready Georgia App Homescreen

Before Emergencies: Improved Alerts

The Ready Georgia app’s primary goal is to help Georgians get prepared before disasters strike, and it does this by providing features like a customizable emergency plan and supplies checklist, information about how to prepare for different types of disasters and weather alerts.

In the latest version of the app, the alerts have received a significant upgrade. Geo-targeted severe weather alerts from the National Weather Service will now automatically notify your phone if there is a watch or a warning in your area. In addition, GEMA/HS and the Department of Public Health now have the ability to send custom messages to individual counties if there is important information that needs to be delivered. This feature will be used only to communicate essential information, but it’s a useful tool to stay informed.

During Emergencies: Real-time Traffic & Shelter Information

With the focus of the Ready Georgia app expanding to become a resource during emergencies, one of the key new features is the real-time traffic information. The app now has a live traffic map with icons of traffic incident locations, as well as a list of recent traffic incidents and relevant news and updates, such as current construction. These features will help you stay more informed about current road conditions and how to avoid gridlocked areas.

Another feature that has been improved is the Open Shelters map, which displays the locations of nearby shelters and provides directions on how to find them. Previously, this map only displayed the locations of Red Cross shelters, but GEMA/HS now has the ability to add other types of shelters to the map, such as approved “good Samaritan” locations that may open on an impromptu basis. This will enable you to find a safe place to go during and after emergencies.

The new Ready Georgia app is a valuable tool, and we encourage everyone with an iPhone or Android smartphone to download it. Remember, there is no all-in-one solution to staying safe. It’s important to stay weather-aware and keep up with what’s going on in your area. It’s also crucial to get ready in advance by making a plan and creating a Ready kit with crucial supplies.

As we head into hurricane season, we hope you take some time to get prepared so you can enjoy a safe summer.


Last updated July 26, 2017.

About the Author

Charley English has worked with GEMA/HS since 1996 and became its Director in Jan. 2011. During his career, Director English was a member of the G8 Summit security planning team and has coordinated the state’s response to 9 presidentially declared disasters and numerous states of emergency declared by the Governor.

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