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State Agencies Receive $87.4 Million for Energy and Water Conservation

June 26, 2014
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Passed overwhelmingly by Georgia voters in 2010, energy performance contracting allows state agencies to use funds normally spent on utility bills to finance building improvements. These improvements focus on lowering energy and water consumption.

This year, the Georgia State Financing and Investment Commission allocated $87.4 million in third-party financing for conservation projects. The agencies below will be able to enter multiyear contracts to evaluate, identify and implement energy conservation measures with guaranteed savings that pay for the contracted costs:

  • The Department of Corrections will be able to contract up to $28.6 million for multiple prisons.
  • The Georgia World Congress Center Authority will be able to contract up to $28.1 million for campus wide improvements.
  • The Georgia Department of Transportation will be able to contract up to $12.3 million for several department buildings.
  • The University System of Georgia will be able to contract up to $10.2 million for improvements at the Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of Georgia.
  • The Department of Juvenile Justice will be able to contract up to $3.1 million for several campuses across Georgia.
  • The North Georgia Mountains Authority will be able to contract up to $5.1 million for various lodges and resorts.

The state goes through an open, competitive process to choose an energy services company to implement conservation measures at state facilities. The energy services company selected must guarantee that the state will save a certain amount of energy and water with the installation of energy- and water-efficient equipment and systems. The state then uses the guaranteed savings to pay for the work over a period of years. 

All of the projects will perform annual energy and water savings measurement and verification.

Energy performance contracting helps the state meet its commitment to the Georgia Energy Challenge. It also reduces energy consumption by 15% in state facilities, and saves taxpayer dollars in energy bills.

For more information, feel free to visit our GEFA website.

About the Agency

GEFA provides loans for water, sewer and solid waste infrastructure; manages energy efficiency and renewable energy programs; oversees land conservation projects; and manages and monitors state-owned fuel storage tanks. These programs improve Georgia's environment, protect its natural resources and promote economic development.

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