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Construction Around the Capitol

July 7, 2014
The Capitol sits against a blue sky.

If you’ve taken a trip to the Georgia Capitol since December 2013, you’ve probably seen a few construction sites around the area. These structural improvements are part of the Georgia Building Authority’s initiative to keep the Capitol grounds fresh and aesthetically pleasing. Listed below are the various projects:

Capitol Steps

The West Steps of the Capitol are getting a facelift! These are the steps located near Washington Street. Projected finish date: December 1, 2014.

Georgia Department of Transportation Building (#2 Capitol Square)

The marble exterior of the old Department of Transportation building has been carefully removed and sent to a location in Ball Ground, Ga., to be renovated. Once it’s shipped back to Atlanta, the pieces will be reassembled to their former placements. The building is also being updated inside, and will be the new location for the Office of Planning and Budget with 31,000 square feet of office space ready for use. The rear of the building has already been converted into a parking deck. Projected finish date: December 1, 2014.

Liberty Plaza

Located where the old parking deck used to sit on the east side of the Capitol, the Liberty Plaza will be an impressive addition to the landscape of the Capitol. Designed to hold up to 3,500 people, this outdoor venue will be an amphitheater with a built-in stage. The space will also be the new home of the replica Statue of Liberty as well as the replica Liberty Bell, both of which currently reside on the Capitol grounds. You can check out the Georgia Building Authority website for a photo gallery of the Liberty Plaza plans. Projected finish date: December 1, 2014.

Steve Stancil, State Property Officer and Executive Director of the Georgia Building Authority, is very pleased with the support these construction projects have received from the Governor as well as the House and Senate leadership, and his team is very excited to unveil the finished products.


About the Author

A Georgia native, Rachael Wheeler works as a Web Support Specialist for GeorgiaGov. She writes about a variety of current topics relevant to the Georgia government.


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