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Veterans Day Message 2014

November 10, 2014
Statue of veterans helping each other

This coming Tuesday state offices will be closed as we recognize the hard work of veterans from around the country. To mark the moment, Georgia Commissioner for Veterans Affairs Pete Wheeler leaves this message.

Those who chose to serve in the United States military come from many backgrounds and pledged their service for many reasons, but they share one utterly important common trait — they all agreed to put their lives on the line for the greater good of their fellow Americans.

They chose to put on a uniform and put themselves in harm’s way for the greater good of their nation and their countrymen.

Soldiers. Marines. Sailors. Airmen. Coast Guardsmen.

They wore those uniforms across deserts, jungles and tundra; aboard ships, planes and helicopters; in heat, rain and snow; in peacetime and war.

They answered the call and paid the price.

Today more than 23 million veterans are home in America.

They are our neighbors and our friends, our families and our loved ones.

They work in offices, board rooms and restaurants; they teach our children, protect our streets and nurse our sick; they own businesses, preach the gospel and lead our government.

Look anywhere in America, and you will find veterans.

They proudly served yesterday, they live among us today and because of them we may all look forward to a free tomorrow.

Pete Wheeler, Georgia Commissioner for Veterans Affairs

About the Author

Pete Wheeler is Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Veterans Service, the state government agency working on behalf of Georgia’s 774,000+ veterans and their families. For information on how GDVS can assist, please visit their website.

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