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Black History Month: An opportunity for all to fulfill the dream!

February 5, 2015
Billboard of Martin Luther King Jr.

February is Black History Month. It provides all Americans an opportunity to remember, honor and celebrate the innumerable gifts that we all have given to the United States and the world that symbolizes our creed of life, liberty and the pursuit of democratic way of life.  The world uses our standard as a plumb line to measure and navigate through the murky waters that would lead them astray. 

America's greatest strength is its remarkable ability to recognize and address the critical moral issues of its time while reconciling them under the remarkable framework of the United States Constitution. 

Black History Month is a living testimony to the richness of the African-American heritage, and our evolution from the Mayflower to the cotton fields, the White House and the journey to fulfill Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream under the guiding framework of the Constitution!

As I watched the movie Selma it was very interesting to see the diversity of people who answered the moral call of the day by becoming a member of “Team America” to “Eradicate Segregation.” It reminded me of our little league baseball team when I was a child. We had members of the team who were Jewish, Muslim, Hispanic, black, white, lower income, etc.

When we first formed the team it was like listening to an orchestra making loud noises tuning up their instruments before a concert. Each instrument contributes its individual talent and works together with the other instruments for the common goal of making music under the guiding direction of the orchestra leader. Once the orchestra becomes tuned and in sync they can make beautiful music.

Our little league baseball team went through the same process. It was an initial culture clash.  However, under the guidance of our coach, we were no longer individual ball players but a successful team with a common goal of playing winning baseball.

“Team America” has made tremendous progress in the area of race relations, but there is still work to be done.  However, just like the orchestra leader and baseball coach, our Constitution, which states that all people are created equal, is our guiding principle and a moral report card as we journey down the road to look over the mountain top for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream.

About the Author

Senator Michael Rhett represents Senate District 33, which includes a portion of Cobb Country. He currently serves on the Senate Retirement, Banking and Financial Institutions, Economic Development and Tourism, and Veterans, Military and Homeland committees. Sen. Rhett was born in public housing on 125 Street in the borough of Harlem in New York City. He is a Master Sergeant in the United States Air Force Reserves at Dobbins Air Force Reserve Base in Marietta, Ga. 

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