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Making Home Modifications for People With Disabilities

March 31, 2015
A woman in a wheelchair goes up a ramp.

For the thousands of Georgians living with a disability, even the most simple of daily tasks around the home can become difficult. Little details such as the height of countertops, round doorknobs and narrow doors can become obstacles for individuals with limited mobility.

The idea of modifying a house to accommodate the needs of someone with a disability can feel overwhelming, so here are some valuable things you should know.

There isn’t just one resource for funding your home modifications. has a comprehensive list of organizations that can help you with the construction and funding process of redesigning aspects of your home.

You can deduct certain home modifications from your taxes.

Some of the items that can be claimed include:

  • Lowering kitchen cabinets
  • Widening doorways
  • Installing railings or support bars
  • Installing porch lifts or other lifts

If you are renting your home, your landlord can't prevent you from making the house more accessible.

The Fair Housing Act requires landlords to make accommodations for those with disabilities, such as making reasonable access changes to private living spaces and common areas.

If you want to learn more about the basics of home modification for disabilities, check out a detailed explanation of universal design, or contact your local independent living center for more information. 

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A Georgia native, Rachael Wheeler works as a Blogger for GeorgiaGov. She writes about a variety of current topics relevant to the Georgia government.


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