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Government Social Media: We're Here to Help

June 4, 2015
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We’ve written multiple blogs about the benefits of social media in government, specifically in our tourism branch Explore Georgia, but some things are worth repeating.

Not only does social media provide an outlet for you to communicate directly with your state government, but it also helps us know what you need.

I’ll let you in on a quick secret: There are actually people behind the curtain running these social media accounts. And not just any random person. Georgia residents — just like you — manage these accounts. When you’re talking to a Georgia agency on Facebook or Twitter, you're actually talking to a real, living, breathing human being - a human who understands your struggles and your frustrations. A human who has made it their job to help you. A human who is passionate about what they do.

Running the social media accounts for government agencies can be a struggle. Hiding behind the masks of Facebook and Twitter can allow people to say some pretty nasty things, especially when they are talking to "the government." To be honest, no one enjoys being yelled at. But we want to talk to you. You can find answers to many general questions just by typing the subject in our search box above. But if you’re having trouble applying for a business license, let us know! If you’re confused about filing for a divorce, let us know! If you need help getting your address changed on your driver’s license, let us know!

Keep in mind that legally, we can’t look into specific cases. If you send GeorgiaGov your DFCS account number, we can’t actually look at it. However, we can help direct you to where you need be. So, if you're having trouble getting your address changed on your driver’s license, we can help connect you to the Department of Driver Services.

For example, last week a man was having trouble getting his Georgia tax refund. So he tweeted at us. We then connected him with the Georgia Department of Revenue who worked to resolve his problem quickly.

If he hadn’t tweeted at us, he might still be struggling to get his refund.

So the next time you’re looking for some guidance on a state service, feel free to reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook. We’re here to help!

About the Author

Bethany McDaniel is the Interactive Web Content Manager for GeorgiaGov. She graduated from Berry College in Rome, Ga., with degrees in Visual Communication and History.

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