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Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities v. Council on Developmental Disabilities

August 25, 2015
A woman in a wheelchair working in an office.

For people living with developmental disabilities and behavioral health problems, there are certain services and programs that are necessary for an independent and healthy life. Knowing where to start the process of finding available programs can be overwhelming and it’s easy to feel like you’re all alone in the fight. Luckily, Georgia has 2 organizations that have your back: The Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities and the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities.

With these agencies having similar names, their differences can be hard to spot at first. Let’s take a closer look:

Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD)

DBHDD serves as a provider of treatment and support services to people who have behavioral health issues and addictive diseases. They also offer help for people living with developmental disabilities. They distribute their available services through 6 regional field offices in coordination with local hospitals and community resources. DBHDD offers a wide variety of services for those in need, ranging from deaf services to adult mental health with many other options in between.

Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities (GCDD)

GCDD is dedicated to create political and social policy changes that give opportunities for people living with developmental disabilities. Where DBHDD focuses on distributing services and facilitating treatment for behavioral health and developmental disabilities, GCDD is more geared towards looking after the policies in place that affect the distribution of these helpful services. GCDD has a legislative advocacy team who works to make sure that the needs and interests of people with developmental disabilities are represented and spoken for at the legislative level. They also provide grants to public, non-profit and for-profit organizations to help create communities that support people living with developmental disabilities.  

Time for a review!

  • To find a facility to treat an addictive disease, which agency will you contact? DBHDD.
  • Which agency will be your resource on legislative events concerning developmental disabilities? GCDD.
  • Who will you contact if you have a complaint to file against a disability assistance program? DBHDD.
  • Whose website will you visit to learn about government and advocacy groups? GCDD.

To learn more about these agencies and the finer details of how they serve Georgia's citizens, you can visit the DBHDD FAQ page or the GCDD FAQ page. Remember that you're not alone in your search for assistance programs! Georgia's agencies are there for you as you embark on the process of leading a full, independent life.

About the Author

A Georgia native, Rachael Wheeler works as a Blogger for GeorgiaGov. She writes about a variety of current topics relevant to the Georgia government.

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