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Tips for Filing Your Individual Taxes [Infographic]

March 10, 2016

See the latest tax info in our 2017 update.

It's that time of year again … tax season. Every February, we receive piles of paperwork in the mail, and by the time April comes around, it sometimes feels like nothing will get done in time.

Not to fear! You are never alone when it comes to filing your taxes. The Georgia Department of Revenue provides a plethora of helpful resources to get you going.

Feel free to take a look at this infographic for some quick tips, then swing on over to DOR and get started!

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Tips for Before You File

Methods of Filing

E-filing is the fasted method of filing taxes. Some software vendors have agreed with the Georgia Department of Revenue to allow free services to Georgia taxpayers.

To file on paper, fill out a Form 500. Georgia DOR’s preferred delivery method is First Class Mail with Certificate of Mailing. Be aware that certified mail slows delivery.


You will receive your tax refund within 30 days if you filed electronically. Expect your refund within 9 weeks if you filled by paper before April 1, and within 12 weeks if you filled by paper after April 1.


Double check all entries, especially names, IDs and addresses. Verify all calculations. Make sure you include all required forms, schedules, certificates and documents.

After Filing


Check the status of your refund online with the Georgia Tax Center.


An offset is the money taken out of your tax refund to pay what you owe to a government agency. You receive a notice of how much you owe and to what agency it will be given.


If you made a mistake, mail a Form 500X to Georgia DOR.

Time Extension

To request a time extension, make 3 copies of a completed Form IT-303. Send one copy to Georgia DOR before April 15; Send another copy with your completed return; Keep the final copy for your records.

Even with a filing extension, tax must be paid by the statutory date to avoid penalty.

Send extension payment with Form IT-560.

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