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Driver’s License Renewal Term Increased to 8 Years

May 26, 2016

In an effort to continuously improve customer service and successfully manage wait times in the future, Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) now provides most customers with an 8-year driver’s license or ID Card for $32.00 ($4.00 per year). This will extend the time between most customers’ renewal terms by 3 years. Reducing and leveling the DDS’ annual renewal volume will benefit all of us by providing more efficient resource management and better customer service.

Requiring customers to obtain an 8-year license saves valuable time by adding an additional 3 years before they even have to think about license renewal. And for many drivers they will be able to renew once online, meaning even longer before they have to visit one of our centers. As our State’s population continues to grow, we will continue to look for ways to help manage customer center wait times and plan for increased demand for our services.

The fee for an 8-year license or ID has not changed and remains $32.00 ($4.00 per year). All DDS locations accept Credit and Debit Cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. They also accept Cash, Money Orders and Checks.

  • If you have presented the required Real ID documentation at a DDS center since July 2012 and have a small gold star on your license or ID, you can renew online for 8 years and receive a $5.00 discount.
  • If you haven’t renewed your license since July 2012, you’re still required to provide Real ID or Secure identity, residency and citizenship documentation.
  • There will continue to be term limit exceptions for teen drivers, hazmat commercial drivers, limited permits and non-citizen issuances.
  • Eligible veterans will continue to receive a free license or ID valid for 8 years with the appropriate paperwork on file.

It is imperative that Georgia drivers visit our website before coming into one of our centers. There they will find the documents needed for issuance and the ability to enter required information and shorten their visit, and some may even discover they do not have to come in at all with the increased online services we offer.

DDS continues to develop mobile options to provide all customers access to the most convenient licensing services. In addition to reinstating a license, you can request an address change, replace a lost license and obtain a copy of your driving history online. Visit our website for a complete list of online services, including the option to submit the required paperwork before visiting DDS.

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Last updated July 7, 2017.

About the Author

Commissioner Bert Brantley guides the nearly 1,000 DDS team members in issuing over 2 million secure driver’s licenses and IDs annually.  He previously served as Deputy Executive Director for the State Road & Tollway Authority.  He brings to DDS a passion for improving customer service by increasing technology and communication.

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