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The Georgia School Reports Website: Quick and Useful Information on Georgia’s Public Schools

June 7, 2016
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Have you ever wondered how well a certain school is performing but didn’t know where to look? You could be a parent, real estate agent, community member or local official trying to find information on a school’s performance. Instead of spending hours online trying to find your answers and questioning whether the information you found is reliable, you can now visit the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement’s (GOSA) Georgia School Reports website — your one-stop shop for information on Georgia’s public schools. The site presents existing education data in a format that’s less intimidating to someone who is not accustomed to working with data-dense spreadsheets on a regular basis.

On the Georgia School Reports website, you can find an individualized report for each public school in Georgia with all kinds of information: the make-up of the school’s student body, performance on statewide assessments, graduation rate, reading levels and more. But even better, if you’re still not quite sure what all of this information means, the report also includes an A-F letter grade for each school that summarizes the school’s performance.

The reports also include a performance snapshot with brief sentences and several graphs comparing the school’s outcomes to its district and the state. If you would like to compare the school you are viewing with others, the comparison tool allows you to select other schools and add them to the graphs, all on the same page.

If you like what you see and want to share a report with someone, you can easily do so on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn or download the report as a PDF. If you’d like to dig into the data a little bit more on your own, you can also download the data.

So if you’re looking for quick and useful information on Georgia’s public schools that is easy to understand, check out the Georgia School Reports website. We hope the website serves as an important resource that parents and communities can use to improve student achievement throughout the state.

About the Author

Martha Ann Todd was appointed Executive Director of the Governor's Office of Student Achievement in February 2013. Prior to joining GOSA, she was the Associate Superintendent of Teacher and Leader Effectiveness at the Georgia Department of Education. She has over 30 years of experience in education, in both public and private schools, serving kindergarten through grade 12. Mrs. Todd also has served in a wide range of leadership roles throughout her career at the school, district and state levels. She holds a B.A. in Elementary Education from Emory University, an M.Ed in Educational Leadership from Columbus State University, and an Ed. S. in Educational Leadership from Georgia College & State University.

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