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Hang Glide Off Lookout Mountain

July 19, 2016

Lying quietly, but stretching proudly, across northwest Georgia and into Tennessee and Alabama is Lookout Mountain. Georgia lays claim to 31 miles of the mountain while Tennessee is home to just 3 miles and Alabama has 50 miles. The mountain is considered the southernmost portion of the Appalachian Plateau and is separated from its neighbor, Sand Mountain, by 2 small Georgia cities: Trenton and Rising Fawn.

Although the top of Lookout Mountain is narrow, its flat terrain is large enough to accommodate homes and roads that many Georgians call home. Houses built along the mountain’s brow offer outstanding views of both Chattanooga Valley and Lookout Valley.

History of Lookout Mountain

Lookout Mountain’s recent claims to fame are tourist attractions like the Incline Railway, Rock City and Ruby Falls. However, prior to the attractions that now draw visitors every year, there were Confederate and Union soldiers fighting in the Civil War during the battles of Chickamauga and Chattanooga.

The Battle of Chickamauga is the largest battle ever fought in Georgia and is generally deemed the second fiercest engagement of the Civil War, just behind Gettysburg.

Lookout Mountain Today

Lookout Mountain has a lot to offer visitors and passersby. Anyone traveling along I-75 or I-24 through Georgia or Chattanooga are privy to advertisements for “See Rock City” and Ruby Falls.

Rock City was formed from thousands of years of erosion which, in turn, produced uniquely-shaped boulders along Lookout Mountain. The slogan “See Rock City” has gained popularity over the years, even garnering fans to paint the slogan on the rooftops of barns. Rock City was ‘founded’ in 1932 by Frieda and Garnet Carter who are also known for building the world’s first miniature golf course on Lookout Mountain in the early 1920s. The unique boulder formations can be seen all over Lookout Mountain today.

The Incline Railway, also one of Lookout Mountain’s biggest attractions, treks visitors up the steepest side of the mountain, topping out at 72.7% at its steepest point.

At Lookout Mountain’s northernmost point, you can find Point Park. The park is part of the Chattanooga National Military Park and commemorates the Civil War battles of Chattanooga and Chickamauga.

Hang Gliding Off Lookout Mountain

With swift drop-offs from the top, Lookout Mountain is ideal for panoramic views and hang gliding over the valleys. In fact, one of the world’s best-known and the nation’s largest hang-gliding school – the Lookout Mountain Flight Park – is located on Lookout Mountain.

Anyone can visit and fly from the flight park. Certified instructors have flown with people of all ages, from 4 to 92.

Hang gliders are fond of this location as it offers excellent wind currents, generally coming in from the west. The mild weather and wide open launch zones make Lookout Mountain an ideal spot for hang gliding. The area is used for novice and experienced hang gliders and is considered one of the best locations in the country by most who visit.

Visit Lookout Mountain

Whether you're interested in adventure sports like hang gliding, or you'd rather take it easy viewing Rock City's beautiful rock formations and gardens, there's always something to do at Lookout Mountain. Plan your trip with Explore Georgia and get ready for an unforgettable experience.

Chelsea Stephens

About the Author

Chelsea Stephens is the Marketing & Training Lead for Digital Services Georgia. A Georgia native herself, Chelsea enjoys writing on topics that citizens and visitors of Georgia can enjoy and learn from. 

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