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September is National Preparedness Month: Don’t Wait for an Emergency to Prepare!

September 22, 2016

Emergency situations arise suddenly. When they occur, crises and disasters can be devastating to our communities. Governor Nathan Deal and the Georgia Emergency Management Agency/Homeland Security (GEMA/HS) are challenging all Georgians during National Preparedness Month to be better prepared at home and at the workplace.

September is the perfect time to think about what you would do in an emergency because it is when we remember the lives lost to terrorism on September 11, 2001 and it coincides with peak tropical activity for the Atlantic hurricane season.  

The Ready Georgia website created by GEMA/HS is a great resource which outlines specific steps to make sure you are prepared for any disaster, natural or manmade: Be informed. Make a plan. Get a kit.

  • Be Informed: Learn what protective measures to take before, during and after potential emergencies.
  • Make a Plan: Know where your family will reconnect if separated and identity an out-of-state emergency contact.
  • Get a Kit: Stock a 72-hour emergency kit with enough supplies and equipment to get your household through 3 days without electricity, water or trips to the store. Include 1 gallon of water per person (or pet) per day, first aid kit, NOAA weather radio and flashlight with extra batteries.

During National Preparedness Month we are searching for Georgia’s preparedness heroes — those people we all know who are ready for anything. For this contest, GEMA/HS is asking the public to nominate their friends, family and co-workers who are stocking supplies, learning first aid, practicing emergency procedures and taking other important steps to prepare for the unexpected.

Who's Ready, Georgia?: The Search for Georgia's Most Prepared

Nominations accepted by:

  • Email: Send a photo and a short description of the "most prepared" person to
  • Social Media: Post a photo and short description on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #GAMostPrepared. Or, share a nomination via direct message to GEMA/HS on Facebook or Twitter.

Photo nominations will be posted in a Facebook album and the winner will be the person who receives the most likes. The person chosen as “Georgia’s Most Prepared” will receive recognition and prizes including a certificate from GEMA/HS, a $100 gift card from TruPrep, feature article promoted by the agency and a stocked Ready kit including an NOAA Weather Radio to be gifted to a loved one.

For more information about National Preparedness Month activities, visit

About the Author 

Jim Butterworth is Director of the Georgia Emergency Management Agency/Homeland Security. Mr. Butterworth serves as the Homeland Security Advisor to the Governor and coordinates the state's natural Disaster and terror attack preparation, response and recovery.

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