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Buy Your Favorite Craft Beer Directly From Your Local Brewery!

July 11, 2017

Craft beer has gained popularity over the last decade offering flavorful, fruity, and hoppy options to a beverage often thought of as “an acquired taste.” With that comes the rise of craft breweries.

Unfortunately for breweries and craft beer lovers, Georgia has not allowed breweries to sell their craft beer directly to customers . To skirt this law, in 2015, Georgia lawmakers adopted a tour-system; Breweries could sell tickets for a brewery tour, with a beer tasting afterwards. And although every weekend you can find enthusiasts, live music, and outdoor entertainment at any local brewery, the solution still doesn’t give the makers of the beer the right to sell their product outright.

But thanks to this year’s state legislators, starting Sept. 1, 2017, craft breweries and brewpubs will be allowed to sell their product directly to their consumers to be enjoyed on brewery grounds.

Not only will beer lovers be able to purchase their favorite brew straight from the maker, they will also be allowed to purchase up to 1 case a day directly from the brewery. The bill gives brewpubs the same liberties.

Quick Review of Breweries and Brewpubs

We’ve previously discussed the differences in breweries and brewpubs, but let's review.


A brewery in Georgia is considered any “maker, producer or bottler of an alcoholic beverage, specifically malt beverages.” Until Sept. 1, 2017, breweries cannot sell beer directly to their customers for consumption. The only way a customer can currently consume beer at a brewery is by purchasing a tour and subsequent tasting.


A brewpub is similar to a brewery in that they can brew their own beer. The difference, however, lies in the sale of food — brewpubs are required, by law, to sell food on premises. In fact, 50% of their total annual gross food and beverage sales must come from food. So if you’re looking for a good meal and a local, flavorful draft beer, a brewpub is the place to be!

This September, check out your favorite brewery to celebrate the passing of Senate Bill 85 …  And maybe impress someone with your knowledge of the new law!

About the Author

Chelsea Stephens is a Content Specialist for A Georgia native herself, Chelsea ensures the content on provides accurate information to all constituents of Georgia. She graduated with a degree in Marketing and has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

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