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It’s Time to Apply to be a Legislative Intern!

August 8, 2017
Governor Nathan Deal and First Lady Sandra Deal stand with their office's interns.

Note: This blog post has been updated to reflect dates for the 2019 intern programs.

Are you a college student or recent grad interested in learning more about Georgia’s government? Maybe you want to see how bills move through the legislative process or get involved in state government. Well, get ready to sharpen your interview skills because it’s time to start applying for legislative internships.

Government internship opportunities in Georgia are available with the Governor’s Intern Program and Georgia’s Legislative Internship Program. Each program has different eligibility requirements and offers experience in different areas of the Capitol. Continue reading for more information about application deadlines, eligibility requirements, and the interview process.

Governor’s Intern Program

Application deadline for the Governor’s Spring 2019 Intern Program is August 31, 2018.

The Governor’s Intern Program offers college juniors, seniors, and recent graduates the opportunity to gain real-world, professional experience with the Governor’s office or other state agencies. The program started in 1971 and offers Georgia students the chance to learn more about state government and serving citizens of Georgia.

The application and interview process is very competitive and students must go through 2 rounds of interviews if selected.

The internship application is a simple, online form. Be prepared to provide:

  • Some basic information about yourself,
  • College information,
  • Your resume,
  • A cover letter,
  • A brief writing sample (optional, and
  • 3 reference letters.

You will attach all supplemental documents to the application form.

About the Program

After interviewing with the Intern Program staff and the Governor’s Office, students will be placed into a role that best fits their interests and talents. Students are encouraged to indicate on their application which area they are interested in working. The Governor’s Office has multiple departments with internship opportunities, like:

  • Scheduling
  • Policy
  • Government Affairs
  • Communications
  • Constituent Services
  • Executive office
  • Offices of the Chief of Staff and the Chief Operating Officer

During their internship, students receive a weekly stipend based on the minimum wage rate.

Internship Eligibility

To be considered for the intern program, students must:

  • Be a college junior, senior, graduate student, law student, or recent graduate (less than 1 year removed from graduation);
  • Have a GPA 3.0 or higher; and
  • Be a Georgia resident or attending a Georgia college, university, or law school.

A Day in the Life of an Intern

Each Fall and Spring internship programs are 18 weeks long; the Summer internship program is 13 weeks. Work days are generally 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., but each supervisor will determine their intern’s specific work schedule.

Tasks range from data compilation and research to administrative duties. Once placed into a role, students will learn more about their day-to-day duties.

Academic Credit

The Governor’s Intern Program does offer academic credit. Interns need to work with their academic advisor and the Internship Coordinator to ensure all requirements are met to receive credit.

Applied and not selected? Don’t worry! As we said before, the application process is highly competitive with a very limited number of available positions. If you’re not selected for this term, you can apply again as long as you still meet eligibility requirements.

Georgia Legislative Internship Program

Application deadline for the 2019 Legislative Internship Program is October 12, 2018.

The Georgia Legislative Internship Program has been offering college juniors and seniors the opportunity to serve house representatives and senators for more than 40 years. As an intern, students will learn about the legislative process, discover more about state government, and have the opportunity to network with peers and legislators while they serve. Interns must be available to work Monday through Friday and will receive a stipend of $300 per week.

About the Program

Similar to the Governor’s Intern Program, this internship application process is competitive and applicants must go through 2 rounds of interviews. Once selected for the program, each intern will be assigned to offices in the House of Representatives or the Senate. Read through the Placement Options (PDF) to learn more about internship opportunities in the House and Senate.

Students must submit their completed application and other required documents (PDF) to their College Coordinator (PDF) to apply for this internship. Check with your College Coordinator to find out your school’s application deadline. Once the Coordinate receives the application, it should be mailed to:

Dr. Amy Steigerwalt, Director GLIP
Dept. of Political Science, Georgia State University

1023 Langdale Hall
38 Peachtree Center Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30303

In addition to the application, students must submit:

  • Two, 5-page essays,
  • Official transcript,
  • 3-5 completed Reference Forms (PDF), and
  • Current resume.

Students selected for an interview will be notified via email. Interviews will begin the week of November 5, 2018. Second round interviews will be Tuesday, December 11, and Wednesday, December 12. Orientation is January 9-11 and legislative session begins Monday, January 14, 2019.

Additional information about the application process (PDF) can be found at the top of the printable application.

Intern Eligibility

To be eligible to be a legislative intern, students:

  • Must be a junior or senior in a college/university in the State of Georgia,
  • Should not have graduated prior to the start of the legislative session,
  • Should receive academic credit, and
  • Should not be enrolled in classes during your time as an intern. If necessary, online and evening classes are acceptable.

A Day in the Life

Depending on the student’s interests, talents, and need, they will be placed in an office with either the House or Senate. Daily tasks vary depending on the role and the office where they are placed. However, intern duties include:

  • Tracking legislation
  • Attending committee meetings
  • Writing bill summaries
  • Assisting with the media

Typically, interns work 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., but hours can vary based on their office and the legislative session.

Check out the Intern Brochure to read more about the program and determine if it’s right for you. You can also find additional resources and forms on the Intern Program page.

So, if you’re ready for a challenge and interested in state government and changing the lives of Georgia citizens, submit your application today before it’s too late!

Last updated Aug. 7, 2018.

Chelsea Stephens

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