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Georgia Appreciates the Arts with the Georgia Musical Investment Act

August 15, 2017

Georgia is consistently one of the top states in the nation for business. For years, Georgia has offered tax breaks to the film and video game industries. And it’s not just multimillion-dollar companies that thrive. Small businesses in Georgia also see great tax benefits.

And now, Georgia’s reaching out to one more industry … music.

On May 8, 2017, Governor Deal signed House Bill 155, the Georgia Musical Investment Act. With the hopes of growing Georgia’s music industry, the new law creates an income tax credit for musical and theatrical production companies.

“This legislation will attract investments from around the nation and will help an industry that has done so much for the growth of Georgia’s economy already.”

— Senator Jeff Mullis

Production companies will be allowed a tax credit equal to 15% of qualified expenditures. Companies in designated Tier 1 and Tier 2 counties could receive an additional 5% credit.

We’re excited to see what effect this new incentive will have on Georgia’s music industry!

Recognizing Georgia’s Artists

Employing 200,000 Georgians, the state’s creative industries play an important role in driving tourism and economic growth. And of course, beyond the numbers, our local artists give Georgia its unique flavor and revitalize our communities.

Video provided by the Georgia Department of Economic Development.

The Georgia Council for the Arts provides grants and opportunities for artists to provide their talents to our communities. If you’re an artist looking to grow or get your foot in the door, check out their website for a number of great resources.

Every year, the Governor’s Awards for the Arts & Humanities recognize those who have contributed to our state’s civic and cultural vitality. Nominations are closed, but you’re invited to attend the award ceremony on October 3, 2017 at the Georgia Capitol Building.

See Local Musicians Across Georgia

On select dates between August 19 and November 17, Explore Georgia is celebrating our local musicians with the second annual Songwriter Series. A total of 19 artists will perform in 6 venues this summer and fall. Find out who’s performing near you and get your tickets now!

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