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2018 Veterans Day Message

November 9, 2018
Governor Deal and veterans stand at attention before the U.S. flag.

Veterans Day is a day to salute the spirit of the American service member. It is a day for all Americans to celebrate and honor the service of millions of our veterans. It is also a day to honor the memory of those who faithfully served our country and now rest in peace.

For over 240 years, men and women have stepped forward to join their fellow Americans in a tradition of selfless service in support and defense of the Constitution and laws of this great nation.

We set aside time on Veterans Day to show our appreciation for these brave men and women who joined our armed forces – our Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Airmen, and Guardsmen.  

It is a day to speak up for those who put their lives on the line for their fellow Americans and to remember and renew our commitments to these brave men and women.

Men and women who answer a call to serve come from different backgrounds and different perspectives on life, but they all came together as a united team to serve and defend the American ideals of liberty and justice for all.

Those who answer the call know the vast impact it will have on their lives. Both personally and professionally, serving in our armed forces teaches the value of teamwork, integrity, and discipline.

Those who answer the call know that they have joined a network of service members, veterans, and families who will always remember their courage and fortitude in the face of uncertainty.

The service and sacrifice of those who came before us will never be forgotten.  

We also thank our future veterans, serving at home and abroad. To those transitioning out of the military, we are here for you.

To my fellow veterans, thank you. God bless you, and may Veterans Day and every day bring you joy in the freedoms our country has because of your service and sacrifices.

Mike Roby

About the Author

Mike Roby is Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Veterans Service, the state government agency working on behalf of Georgia’s veterans and their families.

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