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By [entity_id_1] on June 16, 2016

Free Pre-K in Georgia: How Does It Work?

Learn how the free Pre-K system in Georgia works and find out if it’s possible secure a spot.

By [entity_id_1] on June 23, 2016

Local Government Financing Options for “Going Solar”

Solar energy is making its way to local governments in Georgia, now with some financial help.

By [entity_id_1] on June 28, 2016

Fireworks: What’s Legal In Georgia?

When it comes to fireworks, find out what's legal in Georgia.

By [entity_id_1] on June 30, 2016

July 1 Brings New Laws from Legislative Session 2016

All bills that were passed during this year's legislative session and then signed by Governor Deal...

By [entity_id_1] on July 7, 2016

Go Build Georgia Helps Keep Skilled Trades Alive

Go Build Georgia fights the trend against trade careers and encourages young people to choose a...

By [entity_id_1] on July 12, 2016

The Beginnings of a Budget: FY 2017

See some highlights from the FY 2017 budget and learn how it was determined.

By [entity_id_1] on July 5, 2016

Georgia's History in July

From battles to crazy weather to the Declaration of Independence, July is an important month in...

By [entity_id_1] on July 14, 2016

Celebrate Peach Ice Cream Day!

National Peach Ice Cream Day couldn’t be more appropriate for a hot day in Georgia. Find out how...

By [entity_id_1] on July 19, 2016

Hang Glide Off Lookout Mountain

From steep rides up the Incline Railway to gorgeous views of Lookout Valley during your first hang...

By [entity_id_1] on July 21, 2016

Back to School [Infographic]

It's that time again... Time to start thinking about school! Check out this infographic for a...