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By [entity_id_1] on December 15, 2016

Protect Yourself from the Zika Virus, Even During Winter Months

Planning to travel out of the country where the Zika virus has been reported? Take the proper...

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Transportation Options for the Elderly

Driving can be a huge burden for us as we grow older - it can be stressful and cause fear. Find out...

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4 Offbeat Ways to Bring in the New Year in Georgia

Looking for a different way to celebrate on New Year’s Eve in Georgia? Check out these unique ideas...

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Are You Ready for Winter Weather? [Infographic]

Stay safe and save money this winter! Learn how to prepare your family and your home for the cold.

By [entity_id_1] on January 5, 2017

Snow Expected in Northern Georgia: Get Ready

The National Weather Services has issued a Winter Storm Warning for north Georgia from 4 PM Friday...

By [entity_id_1] on January 12, 2017

Amber Alerts Save Lives

Amber Alerts have helped save over hundreds of children in 20 years. Now, with the use of...

By [entity_id_1] on January 10, 2017

2017 Legislative Session Has Begun

We're back in session! See what to expect this Legislative Session and how to keep up with your top...

By [entity_id_1] on January 19, 2017

2017 New Year’s Resolutions for Georgians

These upcoming events and resources in Georgia could help you stick to your new year’s resolutions.

By [entity_id_1] on January 26, 2017

2017 Mental Health Day at the Capitol

Jan. 31 is Mental Health Day at the Capitol. Register now for educational sessions, a tour of the...

By [entity_id_1] on January 24, 2017

Get Out Your Records … We’re in Tax Season

The nation’s 2017 individual income tax filing season opened yesterday, Jan. 23. It’s time to...