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Incorporated Date: 

September 4, 1883



Total Area: 

3.1 sq mi
Contact Information
1126 West Main St.
Bowersville, GA 30516

Phone Number: 

(706) 245-8971

Fax Number: 

(706) 245-8910

Email Address: 

The Town of Bowersville was first established in May 1878 on land belonging to William F. Bowers, and later chartered in 1883. Being instrumental in the establishment of Bowersville, William F. Bowers built the town around the Elberton-Airline Railroad including "all of the land within 60 feet on each side of the track”. The town would become known as the “education and railroad center" and began to grow with schools, churches, railroad facilities, and farmers.

The Town of Bowersville is now a quaint and peaceful community, with approximately twice the number of residents as when it was first founded.