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Incorporated Date: 

January 1, 1908



Total Area: 

0.8 sq mi
Contact Information
4741 Buckhead Rd.
Buckhead, GA 30625

Phone Number: 

(706) 342-3339

Fax Number: 

(706) 342-3339

Buckhead, originally distributed in the land lottery of 1805, is one of the earliest settlements in Morgan County. In 1823, Buckhead established its first post office, and in 1824, Alexander Fitzpatrick deeded 1.5 acres to build the present day Methodist Church.

In 1933 the Georgia Railroad earned a charter, and the town of Buckhead became a layover spot for the trains, which were not allowed to run on Sundays.

At one time, Buckhead had four general stores, a meat market, two drug stores, a cotton buyers' office, a barber shop, three restaurants, a hotel, a blacksmith's shop, two corn mills, a livery stable, a cotton gin, and a saw mill. However, like many small towns, things changed with the Great Depression and the boll weevil.

Today, Buckhead is a quiet country town, where some of the descendants of the original settlers still find it a nice place to live.