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Incorporated Date: 

January 1, 1832



Total Area: 

14.3 sq mi
Contact Information
151 Elizabeth St.
Canton, GA 30114

Phone Number: 

(770) 704-1500

Fax Number: 

(770) 704-1538

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Canton, the county seat of Cherokee County, incorporated in 1833. Town founders, hopeful that they could initiate silk production there, named Canton to honor the famed Chinese silk production capital. Nothing more than the name, however, survived that venture. Denim production instead earned Canton a spot in the fabrics industry.

Originally the heart of the Cherokee Indian society, Canton saw major change during the summer of 1838, when the federal government, with the full authority of President Andrew Jackson, forcefully removed the region's Cherokee people and sent the tribe west on the Trail of Tears.

Presently, Canton is undergoing another major change as population growth encourages the town to build out further.