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Forest Park


Incorporated Date: 

January 1, 1908



Total Area: 

9.3 sq mi
Contact Information
745 Forest Pkwy.
Forest Park, GA 30297

Phone Number: 

(404) 366-4720

Fax Number: 

(404) 608-2344

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Settled in the 1820s by farming families and railroad employees, the Forest Park area developed as a "wood and water stop" for the Central of Georgia railroad. In fact, the railroad played such a pivotal role in the area that residents called the city "Stump Town," a name Forest Park likely earned because as rail workers cut down trees to provide fuel for the passenger and freight trains, they left only stumps behind.

Forest Park is now one of the largest cities in Clayton County, and its citizens have a deep appreciation for the more than 65 acres of parks and playgrounds, including ball fields, a multi-purpose community recreation center, senior center, an indoor Olympic-size pool, one outdoor pool, a football stadium seating 2,000 spectators, jogging track, picnic sheds and tennis courts.