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Incorporated Date: 

January 1, 1903



Total Area: 

1.1 sq mi
Contact Information
3146 Hwy. 11
Mansfield, GA 30055

Phone Number: 

(770) 786-7235

Fax Number: 

(770) 786-1946

In the 1890s, the Middle Georgia and Atlantic Railroad finished its track construction from Gordon to Covington. Seeing the possibilities for a new town, a group of businessmen organized the Carmel Land Improvement Company, which began purchasing land for the township later to be known as Mansfield.

Legend has it that the businessmen pledged to name the town after whoever among the company was still sober after the celebration and barbeque following the sale of lots. A Mr. Mansfield earned that distinction; local historians know little else about him. 

Like many agricultural communities, Mansfield has undergone growth and decline several times according to the rise and fall of economic prosperity and population. Mansfield is currently home to the Beaver Manufacturing Company, several small commercial enterprises and Mansfield Elementary School. Numerous early 20th century homes still stand throughout the town and are beginning to attract newcomers who appreciate the quiet, historic, small town life.

Visitors are also welcome to visit Mansfield's Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center and learn more by visiting the town's Facebook page.