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Incorporated Date: 

January 1, 1853



Total Area: 

1.3 sq mi
Contact Information
3 E. William Wainwright St.
Reynolds, GA 31076

Phone Number: 

(478) 847-3435

Fax Number: 

(478) 847-3436

Although residents debate the origin of their hometown's name, Reynolds, founded in 1853, is often thought to honor John Reynolds, one of Georgia's famous governors.

In March 16, 1851, the railroads came to the area, and this brought much change to the lives of residents. Although rail construction crews left the new track unfinished for a time, Reynolds became, with the line's completion, a well laid-out town of symmetrical blocks and streets running north and south, east and west.

Today, visitors from all across the state come to Reynolds for its foods, crafts, music and luscious strawberries. Reynolds is a GMA certified City of Ethics and a certified Tree City U.S.A.