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Incorporated Date: 

January 1, 1890



Total Area: 

17.4 sq mi
Contact Information
114 Jackson St.
Vidalia, GA 30474

Phone Number: 

(912) 537-7661

Fax Number: 

(912) 537-7708

Incorporated in 1890, Vidalia is thought to take its name from the contraction of "via dalia," or "road of dahlias."

Although Vidalia has a mixed economy, its largest industry is agriculture. Farmers who grow onions in the area can license and sell their harvest as Vidalia Onions, a variant of the veggie that's prized for its sweet flavor. In 1989, to protect the integrity of that type of onion, the U.S. Department of Agriculture gave protected status to the Vidalia Onion moniker.