2019 Legislative Summary

The 2019 legislative session is over. What did the General Assembly do?  

2019 Mid-Session Legislative Update

The 2019 legislative year is in full swing, and members of the 155th Georgia General Assembly are at work.

Vote Again December 4

The next statewide election will be held Tuesday, December 4.

Run-off elections this day will settle two contests from the November 6 General Election. 

Ready to Vote? Make Sure You Are Registered by October 9!

The voter registration deadline is fast approaching. Get registered and vote!

2018-2019 Hunting Seasons Summary

Hunting seasons are starting in Georgia. Find the dates for various game and make sure you're ready with the proper training and licenses.

Vote July 24 in the Run-Off Elections

The next statewide election will be held Tuesday, July 24.

Several run-off elections this day will determine final candidates for the November 6 General Election. 

Hands-Free Law and Others Taking Effect July 1

The legislative session is over and done, and all that’s left to do is obey the new laws, most of which take effect July 1.

Tax Day is Just Around the Corner … Have You Filed?

Are you a tax procrastinator? This year’s filing deadline is April 17.

Start the New Year with a Hike!

Throughout the United States, hikers — experienced and new — will hit the trails on January 1 as part of the First Day Hikes program. You can get involved at any of dozens of participating Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites.

Why Wait? Winter Weather Won’t.

Cold weather calamities are always a possibility, even in mostly temperate Georgia. Are you ready?