Vote Early in Person

Registered voters in Georgia can vote in person before Election Day.

Early voting (sometimes referred to as advanced voting) can help Georgia voters avoid crowds or find a time to vote that’s better for their schedules in the weeks prior to Election Day.

How Do I Vote Early in Person?

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    Make Sure You're Registered to Vote

    You must first be registered to vote in the state of Georgia. 

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    Know When Early Voting Begins and Ends

    • State law requires local elections officials to allow early in-person voting beginning on the fourth Monday prior to a primary or election, and as soon as possible prior to the runoff.
    • Early voting ends on the Friday immediately prior to Election Day.
    • The Secretary of State’s website has key dates for the current election cycle. 
    • Local elections officials may allow early voting beyond regular weekday business hours, but it’s up to the county.
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    Find Your Early Voting Location

    Unlike Election Day, you do not have to vote at an assigned polling location during early voting. You may vote at any early voting location within your county. Find available early voting locations by visiting the Secretary of State’s website and selecting your county of residence from the list. You can also find available locations by logging into your My Voter Page and looking at your polling place information. If no information is available, it may be too early and you should check back closer to the early voting period.

    If you have questions about your available early voting locations or if it is closer to the early voting period and no information is posted, you can contact your county registrar for more information.

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    • When you arrive at your early voting location, you'll need to bring a valid photo ID such as a driver's license, passport, or voter identification card.
    • The polls offer audio ballots for voters who are blind or have low vision, and booths for voters in wheelchairs. If you need help with your ballot, you can ask a family member or friend to come with you to the polls and fill the ballot in with your choices.
    • If you can’t vote in person – either early or on Election Day – you also have the option to request an absentee ballot to vote by mail.

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