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What information will I need to provide?

To perform a Georgia Felon Search, you must provide the following information about the person named on the record: first and last names, date of birth, and sex.

What can I expect to receive?

Georgia Felon Search provides a list of possible matches based on the information you provide, so please be sure to check the accuracy. This is a name-based search, and an exact match can only be confirmed by fingerprint comparison. For an idea of what you'll receive, download the example below.

Download this pdf file. Criminal History Record Example

How much will it cost?

There is a charge of $15 for each search. After verifying your search criteria, your account will be charged $15 when you select "search." Even if your search returns "no record found," you will be charged $15 for the search process. If the request returns multiple possibilities, a $15 charge will occur for each record you choose to access.

Georgia Felon Search is a self-service application. It is the responsibility of the requestor to determine whether the subject matches the felony history records returned from the Georgia Crime Information Center.


How Do I …

Run a Georgia Felon Search?

It takes five minutes and five easy steps to run a Georgia felon search.

You must agree to the Georgia Felon Search terms by reading and signing the service agreement and submitting it to Georgia Technology Authority.

View a demo video of a sample Georgia Felon Search.

Establish a Billing Account

If you anticipate a large volume of orders, you may wish to create a billing account.

To create a billing account, you will need to:

Once the documents and payment are received, the Data Innovations team will send an email with instructions to access the system.

FAQs: Georgia Felon Search

Visit our frequently asked questions page about public information, cost, interpreting a rap sheet, and more below.

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