Contact State Legislators

Georgians who have a need, concern, or idea regarding state policy can contact their state legislators.

The Georgia General Assembly is made up of the Georgia House of Representatives and the Georgia State Senate. Together, these elected officials hold the power in our state to create, change, or get rid of current laws. They make the decisions about how things are run in Georgia. So, if you have an opinion about an issue or a law, contacting your elected officials is a great way to get your needs heard.

How Do I … Contact My State Legislators?

  • Find Your Legislator’s Contact Information

    A Georgia State Senator and a Georgia State Representative represent you at the Georgia General Assembly. If you know who your legislators are, you can find their contact information on the State Senate (upper house) and House of Representatives (lower house) websites.

    If you’re not sure who your state elected officials are, go to the Open States website, which is sponsored by the Sunshine Foundation, a nonpartisan organization. There you’ll find who your state legislators are, what committees they’re in and what bills they manage. You can also see what district number you’re in for each chamber, which is really helpful to know around election time.

  • Decide How to Contact Them

    You have the option of contacting your elected official by phone, email, or mail. Social media also may be an option. The majority of state legislators have a Facebook or Twitter account. While they may not monitor these accounts as often as their email or phones, most state representatives and senators can communicate with constituents via these social media platforms. If your legislator has any social media presence, you'll find it on their House or Senate page.  

    If you’re reaching out to them about a specific piece of legislation — e.g., H.R. 1234 (a House resolution) or S.B. 234 (Senate bill) — you should reference it in your message. Try to be as concise as possible and share evidence to support your position.

  • Next Steps

    Your legislator may or may not respond to let you know they received your message. If you don’t hear back, that doesn’t mean they didn’t listen to your concern or consider it. However, if you want to ensure they understand how important the issue is to you, you can contact them multiple times. You can also ask other Georgians who share your same need or concern to reach out to their elected officials. If you still feel like your needs aren’t being heard, there’s also another option: You can choose to take the reins yourself and run for public office.

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