Enroll in Public School

Enroll your child at a public school in your district.

Public schools provide K-12 education at least 180 days a year. School enrollment is based on which school district you live in.

If you are interested in private schools, state schools for students with special needs, or home study programs, please visit the Georgia Department of Education website.

How Do I … Enroll a Child in Public School?

  • Gather What You’ll Need

    • When you enroll your child in a public school for the first time, you’ll need to provide proof of eligibility, such as age and residency.
      • Acceptable proof of age includes a birth certificate, passport, hospital record of live birth, legal document, or an official document from another country. 
      • Acceptable proof of residency includes a current lease, property tax notice, homeowner’s insurance bill, mortgage statement, current vehicle registration form, any utility bill listing your residence as the service address, a letter from a shelter, or a letter from your employer, if your employer provides housing.
    • Health records, such as hearing, vision, dental, and nutrition examination certificates as well as immunization records, are required. Forms to be completed by a county health department or your health care provider can be downloaded from the Georgia Department of Education website.
    • You will also have to prove that you are the child’s parent or legal guardian.
    • If your child is transferring schools, you’ll need to provide previous school records, such as report cards, transcripts, and discipline records.
  • Find your Attendance Zone

    Each school district has elementary, middle, and high schools organized by attendance zones, also called learning zones or area clusters. Your neighborhood school is determined by which zone you live in. Find a list of all school districts in Georgia.

  • Enroll in School

    • When enrolling in or transferring to a new school, you’ll need to register your child with that school’s district. Most will accept registration online, year round. Contact your local school district for registration instructions.
    • After registration, your child will be assigned to a school in your attendance zone. 
    • If you’re eligible to request a transfer to another school, contact your school district.
  • Next Steps

    • You may need to confirm your address with your school each academic year to remain enrolled.
    • Keep a copy of the school’s academic calendar for your records.

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