Get an Exemption for Window Tinting

People with medical conditions can apply to tint their vehicle windows.

If you have a restrictive medical condition that requires you to operate or ride in a vehicle with tinted windows, you can apply for a limited exemption to Georgia’s window tint law.

How Do I … Apply for an Exemption to the Window Tint Law?

  • Gather What You'll Need

    • Application for Exemption to the Window Tint Law
    • Information about the vehicle, such as year, make, vehicle identification number, and license plate number
    • A written and signed attestation from a physician or optometrist
    • Method of payment (money order, certified check, or cashier’s check)
  • Apply for an Exemption

    Submit the completed form and payment to the Department of Public Safety by following the instructions on the form.

  • Next Steps

    • After the application is approved, you will receive a copy in the mail. Keep this for your records.
    • Keep a copy of the approved application in the vehicle listed on the form.
    • You must reapply for an exemption every 4 years.

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