Request an Individual State Income Tax Extension

Request an additional six months to file your Georgia income tax return.

There are two ways to request an extension to file your Georgia income tax return. You can either request an extension on your federal return or fill out Georgia Form IT-303 if you only need a state extension and don’t need a federal extension. Both methods provide a six month extension to file your state return.

An extension can’t exceed six months and only pertains to filing. It doesn’t extend the date for paying taxes. Payment is due by the original deadline. An extension request must be submitted no later than the regular due date of your return.

How Do I … File an Individual State Income Tax Extension?

  • Get Prepared

    • Decide whether you will need to request a federal or state extension. You may want to contact a tax professional to assess your situation.
    • You will need to estimate your tax liability and pay the amount by the tax filing deadline in order to avoid late payment penalties and interest.
  • Gather What You'll Need

  • Request Your Extension

    • File a federal extension
    • File only a state extension
      • If you need only a state extension and not a federal extension, submit Georgia Form IT-303 to apply for a state extension.
      • Mail Georgia Form IT-560 and payment to the address specified in the form.
  • Next Steps

    • If requesting a state-only extension, you will only be notified if your request is denied.
    • Be sure to file your return by the extended deadline.
    • If you received a federal extension, you will need to attach a copy of Federal Form 4868 or the IRS confirmation letter to the Georgia tax return when filed.
    • If you received a state extension, you will need to attach a copy of Georgia Form IT-303 to the Georgia tax return when filed.

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