Who Represents You, Part 2: US Legislators

Who speaks for you in the federal government? Learn about who creates US laws, and find out who represents you from Georgia.

Who Represents You, Part 1: State Legislators

Do you know who speaks for you in state government? Learn about who’s responsible for creating state laws, and find out who represents you in the Georgia General Assembly.

How to Request Government Records [Video]

Need Georgia government records? Get them with just a simple request.

The Life of a Law [Infographic]

Do you ever wonder how state laws are created? See the process and learn how you can be involved!


Find out how the Division of Family and Children Services and the Office of the Child Advocate are serving Georgia's kids.

The Life of a Law: The End

Learn the last and final steps of how a bill becomes a law in Georgia.

The Life of a Law: Third Reading

How does a Georgia bill get to its Third Reading?


The Georgia Department of Labor and the Georgia Department of Economic Development's Workforce Division are focused on making Georgia the best state for business.

The Life of a Law: Committees

What happens to a bill after it's introduced in the Georgia General Assembly?

The Life of a Law: First and Second Readings

After a bill's filed with the Secretary of the Senate or the Clerk of the House, what happens next?