Drivers and Vehicles, Part 3: Window Tint [Infographic]

Learn about window tint laws in this final piece of the driver and vehicle laws infographic.

Drivers and Vehicles, Part 2: Recurring Processes [Infographic]

As time goes on, you need to renew your driver's license and vehicle registration. Learn how!

Drivers and Vehicles, Part 1: One-Time Processes [Infographic]

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The Georgia Lemon Law 101

Did you buy or lease a new car and it's turned out to be a lemon? Learn how to make lemonade!

How to Get a Bill of Sale

When you buy or sell a vehicle in Georgia, you'll need to have a bill of sale.

New Cobb County DDS Opens Today

Today a new and improved Cobb County Department of Driver Services (DDS) licensing center opens.

New Driver Services Center Open for Business at Fort Benning

Partnership brings convenient service for base military, civilian personnel and families.

Vehicle Registration vs Driver’s License

Registering your vehicle and getting your driver's license both involve vehicles, correct? So both actions are done in one place, right? Not quite…

Prep to Renew Your Driver's License

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Car Owners To Pay One-Time Title Ad Valorem Tax

Starting this Friday, car owners who purchase new or used vehicles will no longer pay the annual ad valorem tax but instead pay a one-time title tax.