How to Get a Bill of Sale

When you buy or sell a vehicle in Georgia, you'll need to have a bill of sale.

Carpooling Incentives for Georgians

Georgia commuters who ride public transportation or choose to carpool can take advantage of several perks. 

Reporting A Broken Traffic Light

You can help when there's a broken traffic light!

Tax Incentives for Georgia Films

Georgia offers special perks to filmmakers.

How to Get Your Needs Heard: Contacting Your State Legislators

Do you know a solution for a problem concerning Georgia government? Are you experiencing difficulty with a government process yourself? Learn how you can talk to your elected legislators and be heard.

Governor Deal and the Governor’s Office of Workforce Development Implement Veterans Licensure Bill

In early December, Governor Deal, the Governor's Office of Workforce Development and the Georgia Secretary of the State's Office announced the implementation of HB 188--a bill that helps recently discharged veterans find employment.

Finding Your County Tax Commissioner

Tax commissioners ensure our money is used the proper way. Find out more about your county's tax commissioner/assessor with the Georgia Department of Revenue.

Paying Your Property Taxes

Fulton County property taxes are due next week! Most other counties have until Dec. 20.

Getting Building Permits

Whether you're renovating your home or building a new commercial structure, you'll need to apply for a building permit with your city or county.

Senate Adopts Alzheimer’s Response Plan

Alzheimer’s prevention and awareness is a critical issue facing Georgia’s rapidly-expanding aging population.