Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Division


The Georgia Department of Natural Resources' Wildlife Resources Division conserves, enhances and promotes the state's wildlife resources, including animals, fish and protected plants.



2067 US Highway 278 SE
Social Circle, GA 30025

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  • Monday - Friday:   8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
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Services provided

  • Enroll in a Hunter Education Course

    You must get a hunter education course certificate in order to get a hunting license.

  • Hunting Season in Georgia

    Hunting season is regulated by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

  • Purchase Your Fishing or Hunting License

    Wildlife Resources issues licenses for fishing and hunting.

  • Register a Boat

    Qualifying watercraft vessels must be registered with the State of Georgia.

  • Renew or Replace a Fishing License

    You need a license to fish or hunt in Georgia.